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A Love Letter          For Hon
W. Brown

Hot night on a black beach
I lost you between the palm trees
sand stuck between our toes running
wind in our faces, midnight water dripping
drying on our skin, salt stinging
we felt it all the same we were
rocks tumbled onto the beach and dragged
out to sea, slapped against each other
pounded back on shore, pebbles
worn smooth in one night

In the place where the night lives
the place high by the cliffs, untouched by tides
crusted glass, half a story
abandoned shells, aspirations
bleached wood, limbs twisted
dreams of a new life held high
all laid bare in the sun, not by choice changed
a love letter delivered from the sea

I have visited the spaces between the words

Years pressed into hours, lost
those hours lost in the years between us
were we afraid of the dawn or that the night would never end?
I wait until you tell me of deeper currents
pushing you to shores: white, unknown
stones that you rested upon
tell me of turnings
this time
towards me