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The Business of Life
Rex Wilder

I love to walk, block after block, granting distance
To the cramped, sped-past neighborhood.
I love to look, from the yard with the white picket fence
To the fenceless one with the stacked wood,
Creating a mythology that’s true
For seventeen-twenty-four and seventeen-thirty-two.

I love to note, and nod, and notice
The predisposition of the voters,
How the Democratic placards go
With the fussy lawns, while Republicans sow
The seeds of carefree enterprise.

I love to walk, block after block, taking steps
Left by God or the city planner for citizens
Such as myself to take, and making stops
As well, like the fallen leaves of light, tens
Of thousands of them, that day and night rake
And remove. I walk and look to have a stake

In the business of life, and not just be
The taker of givens, its employee.