Wendyll Brown


mixed media







the process

I start working by reading poetry. I listen to world music to rev up. I sort through my piles of materials. I select and refine my textures. I follow and build upon my source of inspiration, delighting in discovering how my ideas evolve as they come to fruition.

My art celebrates labor and the painstaking assemblages of layers and materials. Elements are sewn or glued together, often just to be ripped apart to be used for their residue. Paint is layered and then scratched away to show the passage of time and thought that lies below the surface. Through this technique, glimpses of underlying patterns, color and images are revealed.

I add in other elements like numbers, words, images and drawings.
These additions, in combination with the mystery of the revealed forms, hopefully makes the viewer ponder the meaning of the work and be compelled into closer examination.

Wendyll's Process